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Searching for Kri Kri ibex in Greece is a fantastic searching exploration and also amazing getaway done in one. Ibex searching is usually a rough experience, however not in this situation! Dive to shipwrecks and spearfishing in old Greece, or enjoy ibex searching in an unique location are just a few of the things you could do throughout a week long ibex searching trip in Greece. Can you think of anything else?

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The variety of Ibexes varies with the populace since it is not set. The Ibexes of the Cretan Ibex reproduce Kri-Kri is the tiniest ibex in terms of body weight, however not horn length (Capra Aegagrus Cretica). A few specimens that went uncounted gauged 115 cm (45 inches). The gold prize is 61 centimeters (24 inches) long. The Kri-Kri ibex is pursued in Greece at this time. Hunting is offered on Atalanti as well as Sapientza. Searching is permitted on Atalanti from the last week of October to the initial week of December. Searching is allowed on Sapientza for the entire month of November, depending upon weather conditions.


To many people, The Peloponnese peninsula on the Greek Mainland is the 'actual' Greece, where things have actually not altered much at all over the centuries although that many people have actually discovered it. This is a location where you could easily spend a month or even more however if you are short on schedule after that our hunting and exploring Peloponnese Tours from Methoni is an excellent service. This covers a big quantity of ground to several of Europe's a lot of amazing websites in simply 5 days. You really will not believe what you see! Whilst the Peloponnese is house to several of the very best coastlines in Greece there are many things to do and also see that it is really a year-round location. Whilst Summer is the ideal time to spend at the coastlines and also waterfalls, Spring as well as Autumn are exceptional for treking and checking out Ancient Ruins, Caves and also Archeological sites. Also winter season is enticing as a number of the villages and towns get some snow, specifically in the hills, and the stone style and also vineyards offer themselves to cosy moments by an open fire. The casseroles and standard wintertime food is scrumptious as well as passionate. Regardless of what time of year you choose you will discover the crowds very manageable and in many locations, non-existent.

Look no further than the Sapientza island in Greece if you are looking for Kri Kri ibex hunt and also memorable vacation destination. With its stunning all-natural elegance, delicious food, and abundant society, you will certainly not be dissatisfied. Book among our hunting and touring Peloponnese Tours from Methoni today, dot forget your prize Kri Kri ibex!

Where you can hunting Kri Kri Ibex in Greece ?

The Kri Kri ibex population is safeguarded on the two uninhabited islands by the state organisation Dasaiheo. In September, the decision is made whether or not to allow the hunting of Kri Kri ibex based on the population and health status. Currently, the only method to hunt for Kri Kri ibex is with a shotgun. The hunt is not physically demanding, and it offers an excellent hunting and tourism experience at the end of the Greek tourist season. The last few years’ average trophy size has been quite high, with nearly 90 percent of trophies earning medals and more than 50 percent earning gold medals.

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